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For those of us who are avid readers of Christian fiction we not only enjoy reading books, we enjoy reading about books. So,when the (CBD) catalog comes in the mail I love poring over each page to see what new reads are coming out during that season. This week I received the Fall 2019 catalog. Wow! It seemed to have more new historical and Amish fiction than ever before! There are many other categories as well like, mystery & suspense, Biblical, and books for teens. There is something for every reader. I love that! And I appreciate the fact that all of the books shown or mentioned in the CBD catalog is Christian fiction, and I don’t have to worry about choosing an inappropriate book.

I’m doing something a little different today. I’m going to make lists of new releases I found in the CBD catalog. I will list the books according to genre, including Amish & Historical. Be on the lookout for Christmas books as well. Yep, it’s that time of year! Now is the time to prepare for those cold Winter days and nights leading up to Christmas. Like squirrels with their nuts, we readers must hoard our books. Lol! I hope this post is helpful and you will find some titles that is singing your tune.

I will also note the number the book is if it’s part of a series. If there is no number it is a standalone. All of these books can be found on or for descriptions and order information. The titles are in no particular order. Sit back, relax, and let me do the work for you. Enjoy!

Blessings Y’all!

Mandy ๐ŸŒผ


Aiming For Love by Mary Connealy #1

The Major’s Daughter by Regina Jennings #3

One More River To Cross by Jane Kirkpatrick

What Comes My Way by Tracie Peterson #3

Mail-Order Mishaps by Vickie McDonough and other authors

The Spice King by Elizabeth Camden #1

A Distance Too Grand by Regina Scott #1

Hope’s Highest Mountain by Misty M. Beller #1

Serving Up Love by Karen Witemeyer and others

Diamond In The Rough by Jen Turano #2

The Rebel Bride by Shannon McNear

Treasured Christmas Brides by Amanda Cabot and others

Once Upon A Dickens Christmas by Michelle Griep

Christmas Next Door by Susan Page Davis and Vickie McDonough

Christmas Bells by Jennifer Chiaverini


The Timepiece by Beverly Lewis

Amish Front Porch Stories by Wanda Brunstetter and others

Summer’s Promise by Barbara Cameron #3

A Christmas Haven by Cindy and Erin Woodsmall

An Amish Second Christmas by Shelley Shepard Gray and others

An Amish Christmas Bakery by Beth Wiseman and others

The Bake Shop by Amy Clipston

Listening To Love by Beth Wiseman #2

Stitches In Time by Suzanne Woods Fisher #2

New Covers- These books have been published for many years, but have special Anniversary covers.

40th Anniversary- Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke

25th Anniversary- Sophie’s Heart by Lori Wick

20th Anniversary- The Princess by Lori Wick

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Author Interview: Cynthia Roemer

Proverbs 27:17 (KJV) Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Okay guys and girls and dogs and cats……anyone who will listen…..I have found a new to me author that is worth proclaiming about!!! Cynthia Roemer, folks! She fits my criteria for a top notch author and I am thrilled to have her on The Reading Daisy today! Thank you, Ms. Cynthia for joining us.


Cynthia Roemer is an inspirational historical romance author who enjoys planting seeds of hope into the hearts of readers. Raised in the cornfields of rural Illinois, Cynthia enjoys spinning tales set in the backdrop of the 1800’s prairie. Her love of God’s creation reveals itself in her writing and in her lifestyle as a farmer’s wife. She writes from her family farm where she resides with her husband and two college-aged sons.
Cynthia feels truly blessed that the Lord has fulfilled her life-long dream of being a published novelist. It’s her prayer that her stories will encourage readers in their faith. Her debut Amazon Best-Selling novel, Under This Same Sky (Book One in her Prairie Sky Series) released in April of 2017. Book Two, Under Prairie Skies, released April 10th, 2018, Book Three in the series, Under Moonlit Skies, releases September 10th, 2019.


I have read book one in the Prairie Sky Series, Under This Same Sky, and book two, Under Prairie Skies. The covers of both these books are beautiful and inviting. Each book is set on the Illinois prairie in the 1850’s. When I began page one of book one I wasn’t just settling into a good book, I was dragged kicking and screaming and not remembering how I got on this ride, but oh so glad I was on it! I LOVED that about this book! I had read for a couple hours before I realized where I was and that I had been reading for a couple hours. Lol! It only took seconds for me to be invested in the very real lives of the characters. I loved them, I felt bad for them, I even wanted to pray for them. I know, I’m a little on the crazy side, but that’s what great stories do to me. These characters used God and His Word to work through life and the decisions that go along with it.

Book two was even better writing! I could not stand one of the characters and I loved others. That’s good writing, folks! I saw an evolution in this story and it didn’t have a thing to do with apes! Ha! It had to do with the love of God and His people. I felt as if I grew Spiritually alongside these characters. I found myself turning to my Bible to reassure myself of the answers they sought. Proverbs 27:17 was the foundation of this book. Of course I had heard this verse many times, but now it is sealed Upon my heart forever. I’m thankful for authors like Ms. Cynthia who are not afraid of being “too preachy” when they write their stories. It shows me the love they hold for our Heavenly Father.

Ms. Cynthia has a brand new book, Under Moonlit Skies, releasing on Tuesday September 10th and I could not be more excited! It will be book three in the series. The hero in book 3 was briefly mentioned in book two. I can’t wait to find out more about him and his love interest, who is a sister to the heroine in book two. I’ll add the pictures of each book in order so no one gets confused. These stories definitely need to be read in order.

Keep reading for an interview with Ms. Cynthia Roemer!

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

Interview with Cynthia Roemer

TRD: If you could read only one fiction book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

CR: Oh wow! Thatโ€™s a challenging question. There are so many great novels out there. The first one that comes to mind is the one that helped launch me along my writing journey: Laura Frantzโ€™s The Frontiersmanโ€™s Daughter. It left such an impression on me as a reader and a writer.

TRD: What is your least favorite part of getting a book from research to sitting on a shelf?

CR: My least favorite part would probably be the busy work of making certain every mistake is corrected prior to publication. Although, I enjoy editing to an extent, having to read through my novel numerous times in a short period of time looking for errors can be daunting. Marketing is also not on my favoriteโ€™s list.

TRD: What is your favorite part of that same process?

CR: I love researching and also the writing process. Itโ€™s so fun to watch the characters develop and see what God has in store for them. I usually start with a theme message or verse and a vague outline of the story, then pray for guidance on where the Lord wants to take it. Reaching The End is always a thrill too, as well as release day! =)

TRD: Your books are set in the 19th century. If you could choose anything from one of your character’s closet, shoebox, or jewelry box, what would it be?

CR: Hmm. Well, they didnโ€™t have closets back then, at least not on the prairie. LOL! So I would say Becky Hollisterโ€™s treasured leather boots. In Book One in my Prairie Sky Series: Under This Same Sky, Becky Hollisterโ€™s boots are worn and ragged. Her blind friend, Jimmy Bodine, scrimps and saves to buy her a coveted pair of new leather boots in a true display of friendship.

Then there is also her motherโ€™s wedding band which Beckyโ€™s father gives to her for safe keeping after her mother dies. It was Beckyโ€™s tie to home while she was away from the prairie.

TRD: What can we expect from you in the upcoming year in the Christian fiction world? I know your fans want to know!

CR: In just a few days, Book Three in the series: Under Moonlit Skies will be releasing. Iโ€™m excited to share Esther and Stewโ€™s story with readers and pray theyโ€™ll be blessed in reading it. After that, I plan to write a standalone novel set during and after the Civil War about a wounded Union soldier who is nursed back to health by a southern belle. Later when he seeks her out, she has disappeared and the more he searches, the more her life seems shrouded in mystery. Itโ€™s very vague at this point. Iโ€™m still praying for what message the Lord intends for the story.

Hope y’all enjoyed that interview. I sure did! Ms. Cynthia, I too love Laura Frantz books!!! She is a fellow Kentuckian. I can see how her book inspired you. I’m glad you took the leap! I also love the time period your books are set in. AND, you’re going to write a Civil War novel?!!! You’re my kind of girl! Thank you again for being gracious enough to be a guest on The Reading Daisy.

Blessings Y’all!


From Ms. Cynthia…..

Here’s the Pre-order link for Under Moonlit Skies. It doesn’t actually release until next Tuesday (Sept.10th).

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Mail-Order Misfire Review

I hope y’all don’t mind a returning guest. I certainly don’t, especially when that guest is a sweet friend. Today I’ll be reviewing the novella “Mail-Order Misfire” by Davalynn Spencer. This book is part of the “Thanksgiving Books And Blessings” (collection two) series. There are six books within this series, and each one is written by a different author. You may or may not recognize all the names on the covers, but if you’re like me you will enjoy finding a new to you author. I will list all six novellas and their authors at the end of this post. Let’s get going and see what this story is all about!

Mail-Order Misfire

By: Davalynn Spencer

(The Blurb)

Book 2 in the Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collectionโ€”and prequel for the Front Range Brides seriesโ€”Mail-Order Misfire exposes the heart of a widowed lawman when he meets the bride his nine-year-old daughter wrote for without telling him.

Preacher Bern Stidham is a peacemakerโ€”when heโ€™s not carrying one on his hip. His little girl, Gracie, wants a helper for her preacher/sheriff papa and a mama for herself, so she writes their former pastor in Missouri asking for a mail-order bride.
Recently widowed dressmaker Etta Collier is a half-step ahead of the banker who carries a lustful eye for her as well as the note on her home. When her pastor receives a letter from little Gracie Stidham, he sees a solution for everyoneโ€™s problem and encourages Etta to answer Gracieโ€™s request.
Running from one manโ€™s lecherous pursuit into the home of another she knows nothing about, Etta Collier risks everything to ease a little girlโ€™s loneliness and perhaps find a second chance at love. Book 2 in the Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Second Collection.

(My Review)


As I began to read Mail Order Misfire by Davalynn Spencer I knew it would be a good book. She always writes fun stories that hold a few surprises. This book was no different as far as those aspects go. There were a number of unpredictable moments included, as well as some funny tidbits sprinkled throughout. The characters are fall-in-love-with worthy right from the start. I felt as though I was on the journey with Bern, Etta, and Gracie. I became stronger alongside them, and fell in love as well. I appreciated the God moments in this read and felt as if I grew Spiritually with each one. Thank you, Ms. Davalynn, for being an author I can count on to write an awesome book when I need just that in my life!

As I mentioned before, there are a total of six books in this second collection of Thanksgiving Books And Blessings. The books will be released individually from September 2nd through September 7th beginning with book one. Since Mail-Order Misfire is book two it will release on Tuesday September 3rd. You can preorder it on Amazon today! It is only $2.99 for Kindle! Now for your list of the series.


Book 1 Texas Tears by Caryl McAdoo

Book 2 Mail-Order Misfire by Davalynn Spencer

Book 3 Thankful For The Cowboy by Mary Connealy

Book 4 Blizzards and Blessings by Samantha Bayarr

Book 5 Spring Of Thanksgiving by Liz Tolsma

Book 6 These Great Gifts by Allison Pittman


Hope you’ll discover a fun read from this list! Make sure to come back next Friday for an author interview from a new to me author! I’m enjoying my first book from her now. See you then!

Blessings Y’all!



A Friend Loves At All Times. Proverbs 17:17


I have heard some say that Jesus doesn’t perform miracles in these modern times. That miracles are only in the Bible. I have a very different view on this. I happen to know with all my heart that our Lord performs miracles every single day. Sometimes you have the privilege of seeing them happen before your eyes. And sometimes you have no idea.

In September 2010 my husband took me to Amish Country in Ohio. He was fulfilling a promise he had made to me that year on June second, our 9 year anniversary. The trip was my gift. We went to Charm, Ohio to meet and have dinner with Wanda Brunstetter at an Amish Farmhouse! At that time her newest book was Lydia’s Charm, set in Charm, Ohio. That trip was my dream come true! I had never met Wanda, I had never been to an Amish farmhouse, I had actually never visited Amish Country! To say I was excited is an understatement.

When we arrived at the dinner there wasn’t room to park cars at the Amish Family’s house, so we parked across the road and waited for a shuttle bus to take us to the Farm. So we parked in the designated lot and stepped out of the car to wait. I saw another lady waiting. I could contain my eagerness no longer! I walked closer to the lady and asked her, “Have you ever met Wanda Brunstetter?” She said she had not met her. Then I said the sentence we will never forget. “I’ve never met her either and I’m so excited I’m about to pee on myself!” Now those are the words that could begin something beautiful……right? The lady gave me a funny look and stood stoically, waiting for the shuttle to come.

The shuttle came, we go into the building where the dinner is being held. I get in line to get my book signed, and who is in line next to me? The lady from the parking lot. We chatted just a bit and I tried to keep my excitement to myself.

I got my book signed and found my husband who had already found a seat across from another man. It was crowded, so the seating choices were slim to none. I sat beside him and noticed there was a space beside the man across from us. I figured he was saving that space for his wife and I hoped she would be nice. I wanted this night to be perfect. I saw “the lady” come towards us and sure enough she sat in the space beside the man. She was his wife! She was so nice, her husband was as well. We talked all through dinner. We exchanged names and invited each other to be friends on Facebook. She even told me she would send some books to me that she no longer wanted. I didn’t think that would happen, but I gave her my address anyway.

When the dinner was over us and the couple across the table were the last ones to leave. Our chatter never ceased. The couple was Bill and JoEllen from Cleveland, Ohio, who almost didn’t come to the dinner. JoEllen wasn’t feeling well before they left.

We were home about a week when I received a package with 20 books in it from none other than JoEllen! We had already become Facebook friends. We also exchanged phone numbers. The next year in August she wanted to spend her birthday here with us in Kentucky. Since then we have each spent many nights at the other’s house, we talk on the phone all the time, and we even went back to the Wanda Brunstetter dinner together in 2011. JoEllen is one of my very best friends, and it isn’t an accident that we met. It is a miracle from God! A lot of things, seen and unseen, had to happen for us to meet, and it was all orchestrated by God, our Father. So you see, this is a miracle. We do not live in the same area, we’re not the same age, and I said pee in the first sentence I ever spoke to JoEllen! We still laugh about that. So, although the odds were against us, God was for us, and that is what matters.


So this week I am interviewing JoEllen to see a reader’s point of view. Let’s get into it!

TRD: If you could read only one fiction book for the rest of your life what would it be?

JoEllen: As crazy as it sounds, Dr Suess The Cat in the Hat. As we age and life becomes more complicated I want to go back to simpler times where we do not have to over think every thing but just enjoy. I still have my original Dr Suess library on my shelves today. Just looking at them makes me happy.

TRD: What genre (within Christian Fiction is your favorite to read?

JoEllen: The genre that is my favorite is Amish fiction. As a child my Grandfather (Pappy) would go with our family to Heini’s Cheese Factory in Berlin, OH which is still there today. I was so fascinated with the Amish culture that I would tell people when they would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up….Amish ๐Ÿ˜.

TRD: Who are your top five favorite authors?

Joellen: My five favorite authors is a very difficult choice.

1) Dr. Seuss – He taught me to read as well as promoted my love of reading.

2) Beverly Lewis- The Queen of Amish fiction. She allowed me a glimpse into a life that was very secretive to me.

3) Suzanne Woods Fisher – For the development of Amish families we got to know who became our families. She also shared her heart through her and her father’s journey through Alzheimer’s.

4) Wanda Brunstetter – For her book signings and dinners in Amish homes which allowed me to meet my Kentucky sister.

5) Amy Clipston – For the so well developed characters throughout her series who always wanted us leaving more. She also endeared herself through sharing her husband’s journey which in turn made her an organ donor.

TRD: What is the best thing an author can do to make you want to read their book?

JoEllen: The best thing an author can do to interest me in their book is to post a pic of the cover and to let me know if the book is an upbeat easy read or a troubled life (abuse, sickness, losing Faith, etc.) More in depth read. At different seasons in my life I’m more drawn to a book that is the opposite of where I am in life.

TRD: What is your favorite Facebook page or website that is dedicated to Christian Fiction in some way?

JoEllen: My favorite FB page or website that is dedicated to Christian Fiction in some way is Keeping Up With The Amish. All the participants enjoy sharing not only books but events, prayer requests and much more.


Blessings Y’all,


The Healing Jar by: Wanda Brunstetter

I just finished the finale of The Prayer Jar series by Wanda Brunstetter. I think this is one of her best series in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all Wanda Brunstetter books. I think the mystery and intrigue of this series elevated the stories for me. My review is below.


The Healing Jar is the third installment of The Prayer Jars Series and it is a great conclusion to that series. If you have been reading from book one you will already know most of the characters and you will be welcomed back with open arms! There will also be a few new characters to bring into the fold. In this book there are many questions answered and many mysteries explained.

The only issue I had with this story was how some things seemed to be crammed into the end of the book to help conclude or add to the story. One example is the heart shaped rock. In my opinion it should have been referred to from the beginning of the book. It would have been more meaningful at the end, for me.

I was provided a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

Author Interview: Lynne Tagawa

Lynne B. Tagawa is married and the mother of four sons. She attended the University of Hawaii where she met her husband and obtained a degree in secondary education. The Tagawas live in Texas where she teaches part-time.
She writes fiction, educational materials, and Christian devotionals; she is especially inspired by the lives of great men and women of faith.

It is a pleasure to have author Lynne Basham Tagawa on the blog today! Welcome Lynne. I hope you feel at home here on The Reading Daisy!

If you have been following my blog you have probably gathered by now that my favorite genre to read is historical fiction. Ms. Lynne has written a book that fits like a glove in the historical niche of the Christian fiction world. She graciously allowed me to read her story and I fell in love! Her book is The Shenandoah Road set in the 18th century. We will go more in depth with her book a little later. For now, let’s get into Ms. Lynne’s interview.


TRD: If you could read only one. Fiction book for the rest of your life what would it be?

Ms. Lynne: Hard question! I can tell you the book that has already gone through the most re reads: To Kill A Mockingbird. Classic, classic story. So many layers there.

TRD: What is your least favorite part of getting a book from research to sitting on a shelf?

Ms. Lynne: I would have to say the final phase of editing. Much of the editing work is done by the author, with the help of friends in writers’ groups. By the time you get to the polishing stage, looking for rough edges and typos, you get bleary-eyed. Half of your mind wanders into the next writing project, which sounds so interesting compared to what you’re doing.

TRD: What is your favorite part of that same process?

Ms. Lynne: Why, the Writing! Of course, there are moments when I sit staring at a blank page on the computer screen. I don’t always know exactly how the next screen will unfold; All I know is the general story. But then there are times when I start writing, and it flows, and then something neat pops out that I hadn’t planned ahead of time. Sometimes whole events are unplanned, like the scene where Abigail faints from heat exhaustion. But, it was August in the story, and all of a sudden, I had the idea.

TRD: Your book The Shenandoah Road is set in the 18th century. If you could choose anything from one of your character’s closet, shoebox, or jewelry box, what would it be?

Ms. Lynne: Maybe Benjamin Franklin’s printing of Isaac Watts’ hymns mentioned in the story. Or a Pennsylvania long rifle- hard to decide! Or, if Abigail could spare an entire outfit, I could dress appropriately for a book signing.

TRD: What can we expect from you in the upcoming year in the Cristian fiction world? I know your fans want to know, including me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ms. Lynne: The audiobook version of The Shenandoah Road is now in production! I am so enthused about this. I have partnered with a narrator familiar with the Shenandoah Valley and he’s excited to bring these characters to life. Meanwhile, I’m working on a sequel, set about ten years later. But that’s a long process- no publication date yet. For more updates and discounts, folks can go to my website, and sign up for newsletters there.

Wow! I love your in depth answers, Ms. Lynne! Thank you for being my guest. Below is the blurb from the back of The Shenandoah Road book and also my five star review. โญโญโญโญโญ

“Lynne Tagawa transports readers into the faith and hope, and sorrows and fears of 18th century colonial America. While other books feature the raw grit of frontier colonial life, this book goes deeper and reveals the heart.” – Douglas Bond
John Russell’s heart aches from the loss of his wife, but the Shenandoah Valley frontiersman needs to marry again for his daughter’s sake. At first he believes he has found the right young woman, despite their differences, but his faith falters when time reveals she isn’t quite what she seemed. Can he truly love her?
Unlike her disgraced sister, Abigail Williams obeys the Commandments. At least, she thinks herself a Christian until a buckskin-clad newcomer courts her. He treats her kindly but also introduces her to a sermon by the controversial preacher, George Whitefield. Her self-righteousness is shattered, and she wonders about their relationship. If she confesses her lack of faith, will John continue to love her?


My Review

Ms. Lynne is a new to me author. I didn’t know what to expect in her writing style, character development, etc. I read the first page, and I knew…..I loved this book! It seemed to grow gradually from the beginning to the end. This story was like walking down the most beautiful pathway beside a rushing river with flowers to see and birds to hear. It was like coming home…that familiar, comfortable feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed this telling of a time long ago, when people worked hard and God extended grace, just as He does today.

(I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and He heard me out of His holy hill. Selah. Psalm 3:4)

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Maybe you discovered a new to you author as I did. May our Savior cover you with His Grace.

Blessings Y’all,

Mandy ๐ŸŒผ

National Book Lover’s Day

Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

Do you consider yourself a book lover? I definitely consider myself a book lover! My love affair with books began before I could read. I was fascinated with all books, at that time I just enjoyed the beautiful pictures or artwork between the front and back covers of the books I chose. I got downright giddy when my parents would get a Little Golden Book down off my shelf and read to me!

Then I learned to read for myself. Oh, what a joy! I was able to read a book and hide the story in my heart. I could visit amazing places I had never heard of before, and meet people who I may have never had the opportunity to meet. When I was around 12 years old my Aunt Becky gave me the whole set of Little House On The Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. That day was a happy day for me! I had seen the Little House shows on TV, but hadn’t read the books. Those books made reading one of my favorite things to do! I devoured them. I am now 41 years old and I still reread those books from time to time. Yep, they are still THAT good!

In high school I felt like we actually had a great library in our school. I feel like my friend, Livy, and I checked out every book in that place. She loved reading as much as me, and still does. There was one book in particular that she and I took turns checking out. One of us was reading it constantly. That book was Say Goodnight Gracie by Julie Reece Deaver.

Fast forward to the present. I read more now than ever before. I have many health problems and I’m sometimes housebound for days at a time. I truly believe that God put a love for books and storytelling deep in my heart because He knew I would need books to keep me company later on in life. For that, I am, and always will be, grateful. So, yes, I do consider myself a book lover. I love slipping between the pages of a novel, falling deep into the story, and not coming up for air until the author has exhausted her imagination.

Let me know in the comments if you are a Book Lover. I may do a giveaway next week!

There are many good things coming up on the blog. My reading goal for the rest of this month is to finish up The Healing Jar by Wanda Brunstetter and read The Prairie Sky series by Cynthia Roemer. Maybe you would like to read along with me. I hope you’ll continue to visit my cyber home. It does my heart good to know you’re reading!

Blessings Y’all!


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Was The Book Better Than The Movie?

“…writing was not just a dream, nor was it a remarkable commodity of words – it was a ministry for a world hungry for the knowledge of the God Who loves them.”

-Janette Oke

We have all heard it, and probably said it…..”The book was better than the movie.” I think we say this because it is almost always true. A screenwriter takes a story they have read in a 12 hour book and tries to cram all the information they can into an hour and a half movie. Something is always left out, or even worse, they change the story! That makes me cringe. If the story in the book was so good it’s made into a movie why change it? Don’t mess with a good thing.

If you are a Christian Fiction reader you have either read the book Love Comes Softly or you have heard about it. That book alone (not the whole series) has sold well over one million copies! I’d say that was definitely a success! The author is Jeanette Oke and she writes this prairie story so well because she has experienced what she writes. Her parents were actual pioneers on the Canadian prairie. She was born in a log cabin on her family’s farm in 1935 near Champion, Alberta. It wasn’t until her children were in their teen years that she began her writing career. She wanted to be a sort of missionary through her books and she told God she would give her writing to Him. In 1979 her first book, Love Comes Softly, was published by Bethany Fellowship, now Bethany House. It was their first time publishing a fiction book.

Fast forward to the year 2004. Michael Landon, Jr. directs the movie Love Comes Softly for the Hallmark Channel. It was an instant success! Soon to follow would be 7 more movies with titles matching the books. And two more movies that were spin offs from the books – not based on a specific book. Janette Oke has been described as “almost legendary.” What do you think?

Now the question is, Was the book(s) better than the movie(s)?

Yes!!! Of course the books were better than the movies! However, I must say that the first movie, named for the book, Love Comes Softly, was the most accurate portrayal of a book that I have ever seen on screen. The book had so many more details and tid bits of information that truly make a difference. But, for the most part, the movie was spot on. I highly recommend it!

What about the other movies in the series? Well, they were great movies, they really were. But, they should have never bore the names of Ms. Oke’s beloved books. They did not represent the books at all. They were amazing family movies that I enjoyed. I even own them on DVD. They just should have had other names since the story line strayed completely off of what came from Janette Oke’s heart and mind.

I fell in love with the Love Comes Softly book series, along with the four book spin of series. Writing this post makes me want to read all 12 books again. In case you would like to read them I will list all the books and DVDs in order below. Happy Reading and watching!

Blessings Y’all,


Love Comes Softly Book Series

1. Love Comes Softly

2. Love’s Enduring Promise

3. Love’s Long Journey

4. Love’s Abiding Joy

5. Love’s Unending Legacy

6. Love’s Unfolding Dream

7. Love Takes Wing

8. Love Finds A Home

Prairie Legacy Book Series

(spin off)

1. The Tender Years

2. A Searching Heart

3. A Quiet Strength

4. Like Gold Refined

Love Comes Softly Movie Series

(with two spin off movies)

1. Love Comes Softly

2. Love’s Enduring Promise

3. Love’s Long Journey

4. Love’s Abiding Joy

5. Love’s Unending Legacy

6. Love’s Unfolding Dream

7. Love Takes Wing

8. Love Finds A Home

9. Love Begins

10. Love’s Christmas Journey

Janette Oke has written more than 75 books in her career and they have sold over 30 million copies.

My Kentucky Vacation Meets Books

Summertime arrives, you have saved money to take a fun vacation, you map out your trip, and head out…..most of the time to another state. Maybe even another country! My husband and I decided to stay closer to home this year. We realized that, although we live here in the beautiful state of Kentucky, we had largely never taken advantage of the wonderful things it has to offer. That’s what we did and it was the best vacation we have had in 18 years of marriage! Since we arrived back home from our getaway one week ago I wanted to incorporate some of the awesome things we saw on our trip into this blog. I will pair up an item we saw while visiting various places on our trip and match it up with a book or books that has that item within its pages. I hope you will enjoy this new take on a blog post. Hopefully, it will not get too lengthy for you. I pray you will feel the touch of our Savior this weekend.

Blessings Y’all!

๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผMandy ๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒผ

18th Century Surveying Chain

A Moonbow Night

By: Laura Frantz

In a Moonbow Night the hero, Sion Morgan, is a surveyor for the state of Virginia. This job takes him into the wilderness that is now Kentucky and he passes the Cumberland Falls. I had never seen an 18th century surveying chain until we were browsing the displays inside Fort Boonesborough. There it was! It made clear a very “muddy” item in this novel for me.

A Nail Found On The Original Fort Boonesborough Site

The King’s Mercy

By: Lori Benton

In this historic novel Alex MacKinnon is sent to the Colonies (America) from Scotland instead of being thrown in a jail and left to die. When he arrives in North Carolina he finds himself working for a plantation owner. He is being trained to learn the blacksmith trade. In the beginning of his training he is taught to make nails, just like the one pictured above. A couple of times in the book I remember he grumbles about all the nails he must make.

Handmade Replicas Of

18th Century Guns

So Pure A Heart

By: Amber Lynn Perry

Ms. Amber pens a novel of intrigue, action, and love during the Revolution. It was a trying time in the Colonies that would soon be America. The hero in the pages of this novel is trying to protect the woman he loves. He follows her to help her spy for the Patriots. To conceal his reasoning for being there he tells the British soldiers he is there to make gun barrels, just as the gunsmith we spoke with did when he made his guns.

Amish Buggy

The Prayer Jars Series

By: Wanda Brunstetter

I always joke and say I can find the Amish wherever I go. I respect and admire their way of life. And their love for God is like a burning fire. As we were driving through Berea, Ky we saw a store that sells Amish made items, such as canned food and crafts. I thought it was clever to use an authentic Amish buggy as a store sign. That will get everyone’s attention! I chose Wanda Brunstetter’s Prayer Jars series because the final book in that three book series will release on August 1st. It is pictured above. The series needs to be read in order. It is more enjoyable that way.

Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s

White House China

With This Pledge

By: Tamera Alexander

We visited the childhood home of Mary Todd Lincoln on our getaway. It was an experience I won’t soon forget. President Lincoln and his children, and of course, Mary walked those halls, had dinner at the dining room table, and held the same handrail as I when they went upstairs. I felt honored to walk in their footsteps. With This Pledge is a book I will always hold in my heart. I can hear the cries of the wounded men as they lay on the floors of the Carnton Plantation house after the Battle at Franklin, Tennessee. I can see life draining from their bodies. I can hear the laughter at Christmas as the soldiers lay on their cots and listen to a reading of A Christmas Carol. The picture above is of some China pieces owned by the Lincolns. Everything on the top two shelves were theirs. The plate adorned with an eagle was the Presidential China as they occupied the White House. President Lincoln was a part of the Civil War, just as the men who fought in the battle of Franklin. This true story touched me in a way no other book has.

Anvil And Tools

To Win Her Heart

By: Karen Witemeyer

The top photo above is, of course, an anvil and tools that a blacksmith needs to set to work crafting the needful things of the fort. The smithy, or forge was set up inside Fort Boonesborough, and was essential in keeping the fort running. The hero in the novel To Win Her Heart is a blacksmith. He is a big guy, and he is soft spoken with a lisp, while being humble. His name is Levi, and he is the picture of my sweet husband. I love all of Ms. Karen’s books, but I always go back to Levi, my own personal hero.

A Cabin At Fort Boonesborough

Little House In The Big Woods

By: Laura Ingalls Wilder

The cozy cabins we saw at the fort reminded me of Laura Ingalls in her little cabin in the woods. This book is the first in a series of nine volumes that hold the adventures of Laura’s life as she and her family move out West. I could almost hear Pa playing his fiddle before bedtime as we peeked inside the cabin. What a peaceful and content thought!

The Blockhouse Tavern

The Colonel’s Lady

We were told before we went in that this blockhouse would have been the tavern. Single men would have lived on the second floor. Below on the first floor where the tavern was housed was “the” place to go. This was the hub of information for the people in the fort and for visitors from outside the fort. Remember, this is the 18th century. There were no cell phones, no internet, no television, no mass media giving the news every hour on the hour. If you wanted to know what was happening in your neck of the woods you had to talk to someone. And the tavern was the place to do that. Laura Frantz lives near Fort Boonesborough and has done significant research there. Her writing reflects the depth of her research and knowledge. I posted photos of our vacation on Instagram and Facebook and the picture above caught her eye. She told me that this very blockhouse was the inspiration for The Colonel’s Lady! When I was home from our trip I told my friend (who loves Ms. Laura’s books) that being in Fort Boonesborough was like walking through a Laura Frantz novel. I didn’t know when I was there, but that was exactly what I was doing. It thrills my heart that I was able to roam the tavern Cassius McLinn could have roamed before me.


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Blessings Y’all!