Just In Time For Christmas by Davalynn Spencer

Hello from Kentucky, Folks!

I personally have a rule for Christmas. That rule is no Christmas before Thanksgiving. But, for you, the reader, I made an exception. I wanted to get my recommendation of this book out to you so you can add it to your Christmas reads list. The book we are talking about today is Just In Time For Christmas by Davalynn Spencer. She is no stranger to The Reading Daisy and she is an author whose books I thoroughly enjoy. I would love to hear from any readers who enjoy her books like I do! Just In Time For Christmas is her newest novella, which was released on November 1st, 2019. This is another historical read and is set in the author’s home state of Colorado. Below is the synopsis of the book and more information about the author.

She’s seventeen with a ranch to run, a fear of heights, and a cowboy intent on stealing her heart.

Abigale Millerton leaves a Denver women’s school and returns to her grandparents’ high-country ranch to find the boy she’d grown up with not a boy any longer—and butting in on her challenge with local timber thieves. If he’d stop telling her what to do, they might get along.

Seth Holt has loved Abigale since before he knew better. And now that she’s back in the high country, she’s still as bull-headed as ever. But Seth can match her, and he’s determined to keep her out of harm’s way and in his line of sight. Trouble is, he’d rather keep her in his arms.

About Davalynn Spencer
When the handsome, dark-eyed cowboy sauntered into my life, the gate to adventure swung wide. And what a ride! Yes, I married him and became the wife and mother of rodeo bullfighters. My front-seat view on a fast-paced life provided great opportunities to write for national rodeo markets and win awards in the process. Today I’m living my dream as a novelist and living for real on Colorado’s Front Range with Blue the Cowdog and mouse detectors Annie and Oakley. Join me in the inspirational Western romance world for stories about rugged cowboys, their challenges, and their loves.

I love to connect with my readers. You can reach me in the following locations:
Newsletter sign-up: http://eepurl.com/xa81D
Blog: http://davalynnspencer.com/subscribe/ 
Website: http://www.davalynnspencer.com

My Review

Oh, how I truly enjoyed this novella! Davalynn Spencer is one of my favorite authors to go to when I need a good story to take me away from the craziness of this world. Just In Time For Christmas is a timeless story for the ages, one I could read every year at Christmastime. It has everything I could want in a book. It’s easy to read, it’s funny, it’s romantic, there’s a cowboy, and the Lord is in the middle of it all, just as He should be. It may sound cliche`, but it’s true, this story warms my heart. 
Amazon has the ebook on sale right now for $1.99!

Blessings Y’all!


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